Photo Guide

As your custom illustration will be based on the photo you will send us, picking the right image is key. Please have a look through this photo guide to help you select the perfect photo for your illustration.

Still not sure about your photo? We're here to help! Simply use the chat on this page or email us at and we will answer any questions.

Dos & Don'ts

  • Use a high-quality image (around 1MB) with good lighting so the artist can capture all details.
  • Make sure your picture is not pixelated or blurry.
  • Select a photo which is well framed - i.e. the subject is in the photo. What is not in the photo, will not be drawn. Full or half body images work the best.
  • We can illustrated up-close (selfie) images, however, please be aware that this will limit the amount of detail our artists can include as we create faceless artwork style.
  • Black & White images are not recommended but may be illustrated. Please provide guidance on skin, hair and clothing colouring in the note section. 
  • Modifications such as changing angles or adding objects which are not in the photo are not possible.
  • We are happy to alternate any colours to match your home. Please just leave a detailed note when submitting your order.
  • Note that objects which are directly in the image (such as a phone in a mirror selfie) will be included in the artwork.

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